Our Company

Who We Are

The BellaMills Medical Group is a premier wholesale medical products supply and distribution company headquartered in Novi, Michigan. Our mission is to assist clients outperform their peers by reducing cost and improving the quality of innovative medical products for health care markets throughout the world.

With our staff's extensive experience in the medical field and strategic alliances with several medical products manufacturers worldwide, you will find that we bring a keen understanding, fresh perspectives and strategic abilities to the table from the first "hello."

Our Clients

Our clients are pharmacies, hospitals, physicians and healthcare organizations. We have the expertise and knowledge in international procurement and with international agencies and government organizations.

Our Partners

With our partners worldwide, we provide comprehensive analyses, planning, development and delivery of global, regional, and national services. BellaMills Medical Group also provides expert consulting services on topics such as market access and political and regulatory issues.

In addition, BellaMills Medical Group offers manufacturers the opportunity of finding the right partnership alliances in order to negotiate supplyagreements in worldwide markets.

By partnering with The BellaMills Medical Group, we can help your organization increase profitability and remain compliant with regulators.